WixSEO: “More than 90% of web content still does not receive traffic from Google”.

WixSEO: “More than 90% of web content still does not receive traffic from Google”.

WixSEO, official partner for SEO and SEM solutions of the WIX web development platform, aims to democratize digital marketing by positioning in 3 months the websites created on the platform at very competitive prices. The goal is to enable professionals with limited budgets to stand out in their niche market.

When talking about SEO and SEM optimization, a dark fog forms in the heads of many, and for most mortals this area of digital communication is a real headache. Until now, anyone who wanted to optimize their website in search engines had to empty their pockets in favor of an investment with intangible fruits, in the very long term and assuming all the intrusiveness that exists in the sector.

Consequently, according to WixSEO data, 90.63% of web content still does not receive traffic from Google, at a time when search engine positioning is more necessary than ever. That’s why the agency has set out to turn the digital marketing tide by creating special plans that are much more affordable, and for Fredrik Norrbin – Founder of WixSEO, “if times change you have to adapt, and something that has become almost a basic necessity for any business should not be a luxury service”.

Fast and affordable solutions for sites created with WIX

WixSEO is a specialized agency with years of experience in SEO, SEO and SEM that has specialists in climbing the rankings of Google and other search engines. Now it goes a step further with affordable plans designed for SMEs and freelancers with limited budgets to stand out in their niche market.

To do this, and without losing focus on its motto ‘results, knowledge and transparency’, it launches a 3-month plan for only 470 € per month for sites created with WIX that, according to WixSEO, “is the perfect option for professionals with a limited budget who have created their website with the WIX platform to have a fully optimized site, data on their competitors and the tools to know how to beat them”.

In this sense, WixSEO analyzes the project, website, market and competitors of interested professionals and make all the technical SEO changes to increase organic growth. “In addition, we keep each website up to date on its market and trends and run a SEM promotion campaign to redirect qualitative traffic from the beginning that, quite possibly, translates into new customers,” says Fredrik.

About WixSEO

WixSEO is an agency specialized in SEO, SEM and digital marketing strategies for projects with websites created on the WiX platform. Leaders in Spain and based in Palma de Mallorca, they have been helping hundreds of clients to increase their visibility in search engines since 2011. Their team includes experts in SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, etc. all together with the WIX web development platform.

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